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Financial Strategy

The role of a financial strategy is critical to the success of a business as it helps to establish goals and objectives that galvanise and motivate the team. It’s typically part of the overall business plan and ideally should be discussed and shared with shareholders, executives and employees, so everyone is on the same page financially and working to the same end result.

Establishing a clear, concise strategy not only helps businesses to understand and communicate operating costs but also provides clear pathways to profit tailored to the size of the business. For example, while a start-up’s goal might be to break even, established companies might want to raise revenue by a certain percentage each year.

Whatever your financial goals are, Jirsch Sutherland’s team of business strategists take your ideas, formulate sustainable plans, and execute them tactically so they can ultimately become reality. Our specialist services include:

  • Understanding your tax obligations
  • Taking advantage of tax tools and opportunities
  • Priorisiting and eliminating debt
  • Setting financial goals and strategies
  • Evaluating acquisition, merger and divestment opportunities
  • Cash flow management and forecasting
  • Financial modelling
  • Audit co-ordination
  • Identifying liquidity issues and growth constraints
  • Protecting your business’s financial future

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