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At Jirsch Sutherland, we realise we are nothing without our people. Our experienced leaders, highly talented managers and invaluable support staff are key to our success – and that’s why we spend so much time on attracting the very best.

We have a clear recruitment strategy: to attract, retain and nurture those whose beliefs and values align with our own – i.e. integrity, endeavor, honesty and empathy.

Attracting the right people is one thing but that’s only the beginning of the journey. Once onboard, we focus on building strong and lasting relationships with all staff through providing opportunities to grow with the firm. We also offer ongoing training and support that helps each member reach his or her potential, both professionally and personally. This is backed up by the latest processes and integrated systems to help deliver timely and compliant reporting.

If you believe you would be a good fit with Jirsch Sutherland, please contact us at admin@jirschsutherland.com.au.

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