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Small Business Restructuring in the spotlight: the many benefits

“The benefit of a Small Business Restructuring Plan is that it forces you to think into the future; it really clears your head when you think about what you have to do. I had to tell the ATO what my business plan was. It’s also enabled me to focus on growing my business.” — Peter Rechniewski, small business owner and SBRP success story

When used correctly, Small Business Restructuring Plans should act like a pressure release valve for businesses that have been largely impacted by factors outside of the directors’ control. It can also help correct a business’s footing after being blindsided by some financial shock, such as significant bad debt, trading restriction or supply chain disruption.

Anyone considering a payment plan with the ATO should also be considering whether a SBR Plan would be more appropriate to protect the long term interests of the business and its stakeholders.

7 benefits of SBR Plans:

  • Early intervention: at the first sign of financial distress, it enables a business to go to creditors and ask for help.
  • simplicity: SBRPs are simplified, shorter and less regulated
  • debtor-in-possession: directors stay in control of their business during the process
  • creditor moratorium prohibits creditors, including the ATO, from taking action to recover money or property
  • protection: directors are protected from being liable for insolvent trading and from personally repaying the entire company tax debt
  • lower costs: the process is designed to reduce access costs for small business
  • specialist practitioners: a qualified Small Business Restructure Practitioner manages the process, ensuring compliance and helping protect directors.

Jirsch Sutherland has 15 Small Business Restructuring Practitioners around the country. We understand the SBR process and work closely with accountants, directors and other advisers to develop viable solutions. We give obligation-free consultations. Call 1300 547 724 or email enquiries@jirschsutherland.com.au

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*The Small Business Restructuring Process is accessible to incorporated businesses with liabilities of less than $1 million. To be able to propose a deal the business must have paid all employee entitlements and made all tax lodgements.


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