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A Practical Guide to Corporate & Personal Insolvency

How much do you know about insolvency? Chances are, you know it’s complex; complicated, even. Like many, you might associate insolvency with liquidating companies and personal bankruptcies. However, it’s a lot more than that. And knowing there are solutions to help financially distressed businesses (corporate insolvency) and individuals (personal insolvency) draw a line in the sand and be able to move forward, is vital if you’re a director, accountant or other trusted adviser.

Since 1984, Jirsch Sutherland has been helping businesses and individuals navigate Australia’s insolvency ‘maze’. Our qualified, highly-experienced insolvency practitioners want you to understand more about insolvency solutions, so we have created this handy new Insolvency Solutions, A Practical Guide.

In just one coffee break you’ll learn about:

  • Corporate insolvency solutions including:
    • Restructuring (including the Small Business Restructuring (SBR) process)
    • Voluntary Administration
    • Safe Harbour
    • Deeds of Company Arrangement
    • the 3 types of Liquidation – and the role of Liquidation in the business lifecycle
    • Receivership
  • the 3 personal insolvency solutions
  • warning signs a company is heading towards an insolvency event
  • …a little-known fact: that insolvency solutions achieve the best outcomes when actioned early (we call it ‘early intervention’).

Download our guide today and power up with knowledge. And enjoy peace of mind knowing there is a range of insolvency solutions – and a Jirsch Sutherland insolvency practitioner near you to help you or your client every step of the way.

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