WA Insolvency Solutions opens new office in Bunbury

Specialist support for WA’s South West

Business recovery and insolvency solutions firm WA Insolvency Solutions (WAIS), a division of independent national firm Jirsch Sutherland, has opened a new office in the heart of Bunbury. It will further strengthen the firm’s presence across the regional areas in Western Australia and enables the team to continue to provide specialist support to the area.

“Having an office in Bunbury will enable us to strengthen the relationships we already have with the local accountants, lawyers and financial advisers, and it means we’ll be on the ground to provide support for them, their clients, business owners and directors, and individuals when they need it,” says Jimmy Trpcevski, WAIS’s Managing Partner.

“One of our firm’s key principles is having a local presence and national reach, and this new office – along with our offices in Kalgoorlie and Albany – certainly reinforces that. I personally love this vibrant region and one of the most enjoyable parts of my job is catching up with the local community, seeing how they are doing, how the region is doing, and how we can help and value add.”

In addition to the WAIS team’s scheduled regional visits, Trpcevski will be in the Bunbury office every 2-3 weeks for a few days to meet with advisers, their clients and members of the community.

WAIS is sharing the new bayside office with McWilliams Davis Lawyers, a firm specialising in property and commercial law, which has had a presence in Bunbury for three years and, due to demand from clients, is now formalising its presence with the opening of the new office.

Trpcevski calls having the legal firm as an officemate a “great fit”.  “I have known Paul McWilliams, Anthony Davis and Joe Scurria for a number of years. Like WAIS, they are specialists in their fields,” he says.

Although the two firms will be sharing an office and, at times, lending their expertise to assist each other’s clients, they will remain separate, independent businesses. “Over the past decade, WAIS has provided a number of our clients with guidance on insolvency matters, often resulting in them being able to trade their way back to profitability,” says Paul McWilliams. “Our firm has also assisted WAIS by facilitating the legal components of property and commercial transactions for clients.”

Both McWilliams and Scurria recognise the importance of having a locally based business turnaround and insolvency specialist in the area. “Business recovery and insolvency are important services that need to be available to the local business community. Some SMEs will appreciate the convenience of having an insolvency firm with a Bunbury base,” says Scurria.

McWilliams agrees: “WAIS are experts in their field and it is essential for clients experiencing financial difficulties to understand the insolvency process and their options to either trade out of difficulty or to wind up their company. Providing clarity on the options available is one important way WAIS can provide value.”

He adds: “We are absolutely looking forward to being involved in the Bunbury and South West business community as a permanent fixture in the region. The new office will assist Joe (Scurria) build on his longstanding and high-profile practice and support him with additional depth in terms of resourcing.”

Assistance during challenging times

Over the past year, WAIS has provided advice and assistance to SMEs impacted by the pandemic on viable restructure and solvency solutions, and McWilliams Davis Lawyers has helped a number of clients on a pro bono basis to negotiate deals with their landlord and other creditors.

Despite the negative impact of the pandemic, McWilliams believes there are many opportunities for SMEs in Bunbury. “However, capturing those opportunities by engaging the right commercial and legal advisors is a key challenge,” he says.

Other challenges currently facing local SMEs, says Scurria, are a skilled labour shortage and an ongoing impact on the events sector: “Businesses are losing labour to the mines and people lack the confidence to plan events.”

WAIS continues to offer a free initial confidential no obligation consultation to local businesses and individuals. “We want to encourage anyone who is struggling financially to seek our assistance sooner than later so we have a greater chance of resolving their issues and reducing further losses and helping them leverage opportunities,” says Trpcevski.

The new Bunbury office is at unit 36, 23-25 Casuarina Drive, Bunbury (across the road from the Dome Café). The entrance is on Bonnefoi Parade. To make an appointment, call (08) 9463 3046 or email jtrpcevski@wais.com.au.



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