Jirsch Sutherland bolsters international capabilities

Independent  insolvency and recovery firm Jirsch Sutherland has strengthened its international service offerings, with its recent appointment as a member of the Global Restructuring and Insolvency Professionals (GRIP) network of independent insolvency firms. Jirsch Sutherland is also leading the establishment of the Asia-Pacific arm.

GRIP is a cross-border marketing and referral network for independent insolvency firms. Launched in 2014 in Europe, the network currently has members in 24 countries across the globe. As lead of the Asia-Pacific network, Jirsch Sutherland will expand the network’s membership throughout the region.

“We are thrilled to have joined GRIP,” says Bradd Morelli, Jirsch Sutherland’s National Managing Partner. “We connected with the network in 2020 and as a proudly independent insolvency firm, we’re also honoured to be establishing the Asia-Pacific arm.

“While Jirsch Sutherland has vast experience handling and advising on international, cross-border matters for clients, GRIP increases our international reach and resources. As a member, we can quickly tap into specialist knowledge and support of fellow members in jurisdictions across Europe, Canada, Central and South America, and now the Asia-Pacific,” explains Morelli.

GRIP can provide resources or expertise for insolvency firms where a matter or opportunity occurs outside their jurisdiction. In turn, those firms can provide the same support when other member organisations need help in their jurisdictions.

“Knowledge of local laws, regulations, markets and customs as well as access to local resources can contribute significantly to achieving an optimal outcome for clients, whether it’s restructuring debt or getting the best price for asset sales in a liquidation,” says Morelli. “Referrers and their clients will also enjoy greater peace of mind having a trusted Jirsch Sutherland insolvency practitioner by their side plus the expertise and knowledge of a practitioner in another jurisdiction.”

According to Morelli, the growth of the GRIP ASIA-PACIFIC branch comes at the ‘right’ time: “COVID-19 continues to affect supply chains and restrict travel, making owning and operating a business in another country for many more challenging and less feasible. This will lead to an increase in demand for business restructure and insolvency specialists who can handle cross-border matters.”

Member benefits

For members, GRIP Asia-Pacific will provide a much-needed convenient and safer way to network with insolvency specialists across the globe. Members can also benefit from additional business via references by fellow members, marketing their firm as offering global connections, and receiving advice and assistance from fellow members. “GRIP members support each other with their local knowledge and contacts, understanding of local regulatory and legal requirements, as well as varied and specialist expertise,” says Morelli.

As lead of the Asia-Pacific region, Jirsch Sutherland’s Partners will select and invite insolvency specialists with independent firms to become members. “We will consider like-minded restructuring and insolvency practitioners with shared values and standards, positive, professional reputations, and a desire to connect with other insolvency firms internationally,” explains Morelli. “If any insolvency firm across the Asia-Pacific is interested in connecting, we invite them to contact us on (02) 9236 8333 or email me at braddm@jirschsutherland.com.au.”

GRIP further expands Jirsch Sutherland International’s business network across the Asia-Pacific region, following the launch of its dedicated Asia Desk in December 2020. The Asia Desk was established to provide specialist insolvency services to Asian-Australian businesses. Each member of the Asia Desk team has extensive knowledge of Australian and Asian business practices, regulations, cultures and markets, and fluency in a widely spoken Asian language.

“Joining GRIP is a natural next step,” says Morelli. “For almost 40 years Jirsch Sutherland has built strong relationships with referrers, business owners and directors and individuals across Australia, and now we’re looking forward to forging collaborative and honest relationships with new GRIP members across the Asia-Pacific and around the world,” adds Morelli.



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