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Whether you’re operating as a sole trader or company, getting on the front foot when tricky financial situations arise can make or break your business and your life. It is always best to seek early advice, we are always ready to assist.

Company shareholders and directors may be held personally liable for unpaid debts incurred from the time a business becomes insolvent. It may be possible to salvage the financial situation – and even the business. Our highly experienced team works with clients to achieve a fair result. Seeking early advice is crucial in order to apply the right solution.

In the case of personal insolvency, it is vital that you seek professional help as soon as you realise your debts have reached a point where you cannot pay them, or letters of demand and other legal threats start to arrive. We are passionate about helping people during what can be a confusing and extremely difficult time.

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Our team is skilled at working with businesses to analyse its objectives, integrate them into the business and successfully implement the right strategy. Get expert advice on:


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Just one obligation-free consultation with an insolvency and business recovery professional can reveal feasible solutions and strategies that can achieve the best outcomes for a vulnerable company or individual. Expect a response within 24 hours.

Local Presence, National Reach
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Our head offices are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Perth, supported by a network of regional offices. Our specialists in each office understand the particular needs of businesses within their respective region from coast-to-coast. Select your nearest office to learn about the local team and their expertise.

Insolvency Intelligence
Insolvency Intelligence
Jirsch Sutherland established Insolvency Intelligence for Credit Managers: a helpdesk that guides credit managers through the most common challenges a company is likely to face at this time.
WA Insolvency Solutions
In 2014, Jirsch Sutherland merged with Western Australia’s preferred trusted insolvency firm WA Insolvency Solutions (WAIS) to offer the very best local expertise and knowhow to our national and international clients.
Corporate Guardian
Established in 2011, Corporate Guardian is one of Jirsch Sutherland’s member businesses, and while it operates independently, is able to draw on the corporate and personal insolvency expertise and resources of its parent.
My Tax Debt
My Tax Debt is one of Jirsch Sutherland’s member businesses, specialising in helping businesses that are in financial difficulties to resolve their problems.

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More bankruptcy cases now being referred by lawyers

More bankruptcy cases now being referred by lawyers

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NZ insolvencies set to rise as tax-debt leniency ends

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How a ‘rescue mission’ saved a viable business

How a ‘rescue mission’ saved a viable business

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