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The New Year ‘business booster’ for your clients

There’s no doubt Omicron has been a ‘game changer’, making the road to recovery a bumpy ride for many businesses. And while the new variant has caused challenges out of everyone’s control – including staff shortages, supply chain issues, to customers staying away – there are ways your clients can take back control.

Taking control

As with any game changer, your impacted clients need a good plan: a ‘business booster’ that will get them on the front foot and be better prepared for what’s ahead.

First step: we recommend your clients take our Rapid Business Assessment Test. Twelve questions that can give you and us a clearer understanding of their financial situation and what solutions might be required:

  1. Experiencing reduced cash-flow and/or turnover?
  2. Unable to breakeven and incurring continuing losses?
  3. Unable to pay your tax bill?
  4. Behind in your rent or mortgage payments?
  5. Struggling to pay wages and/or superannuation?
  6. Unable to pay creditors?
  7. Secured special payment arrangements with creditors?
  8. Suppliers refusing to supply or insisting on COD only?
  9. Unable to borrow funds or raise additional equity capital?
  10. Receiving solicitors’ letters, summonses, judgements or warrants?
  11. Delaying/stopping financial and trading performance reporting and forecasting?
  12. Having disputes with other directors?

How we can help clients take control

Once you have a clearer picture of how your clients’ businesses are faring, the next step is to develop a tailored solution according to their needs. That’s where we can help.

We have a cohesive team of highly experienced business rescue/turnaround and insolvency specialists around Australia – and globally. And we have all your business rescue and insolvency solutions in one place – e.g.:

We’ve been helping Australian businesses of all sizes navigate change for nearly 40 years. Together, we can help you clients gain immunity to the impacts of Omicron and other game changes that may come their way in 2022.

Call us today to arrange a no-obligation conversation with one of our financial distress specialists: 1300 547 724 or email enquiries@jirschsutherland.com.au

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