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Geelong is Victoria’s second-largest city and has a rich history, especially as a major manufacturer – although the region is as well known for its beaches and proximity to the renowned Great Ocean Road.

And it’s within this setting that Jirsch Sutherland merged with Jenkins Peake & Co in March 2007 to form a local office. Our Geelong office is known for its straightforward advice and commonsense approach as it deals with all types of personal and corporate insolvency matters.

Geelong’s team of five includes former Jenkins Peake & Co Partners Phil McGibbon and Geoff Ridgeway, and senior manager Ben te Wierik who joined the team in 2014. The office covers all regional areas within the state and our in-depth understanding of local issues, assisted by our membership of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, greatly contributes to our ongoing success.

All staff were born and raised in the Greater Geelong region with Phil being a particular stalwart of the area through his heavy involvement in surf lifesaving and his more than 30 years as a local VFA football umpire.

While Geelong’s proximity to farming and agricultural areas makes these key areas of specialty, our office also has extensive experience with all sectors and industries including building and construction, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and services.

The firm is recognised as a specialist in:

Some of the Geelong office’s notable appointments include:

  • Eastern Beach Views Pty Ltd (hospitality)
  • Framlingham Aboriginal Trust
  • Grove Conveyancing Services (professional services)
  • Invest 2 XL Pty Ltd (investment services)
  • G. Liston (agriculture)
  • Hines Dairy Farm (agriculture –dairy)
  • Ellsworthy’s Bulk Store Pty Ltd (electrical goods retailer)
  • Fernleigh Farms Pty Ltd (agriculture – food production)
  • Kerrup Jmara Elders Aboriginal Corporation
  • Central Foundry (Geelong) Pty Ltd (manufacturing)
  • Semak Australia Pty Ltd (manufacturing)
  • Hesse Blinds Pty Ltd (wholesale and retail)
  • Tommy’s Leather Direct Pty Ltd (retail)
  • In2Sheds Pty Ltd (building and construction)
  • Kurdeez Lime Pty Ltd (quarry)
  • Ausminerals Ltd (quarry/mining)
  • Various kindergartens and student associations (education)

To contact Jirsch Sutherland’s Geelong office, call (03) 5223 1000 or email


1st Floor, 200 Malop Street,

Telephone & Fax:

T: (03) 5223 1000
F: (03) 5221 4938

Geelong Office Contacts

Philip McGibbon
Phil McGibbon
Geoff R.
Geoff Ridgeway
Ben te Wierik
Senior Manager

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